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Incredibly original product, good service, tasty beers and beer. What else do you want?
Recommended for anyone who likes beers and wants to be surprised :)

Beer in a box is delicious, convenient and pleasant!

Once every two months a box with five different special beers in duplicate, five beer cards with information and a rating list delivered to your home. Delicious, convenient and pleasant!

Delicious and surprising beers

Every box holds new surprising and delicious beers that I can use to impress my friends!

Nice style

The beers and other contents of the box were very good. The cat especially liked the Styrofoam.

Fun + delicious for home and perfect gift

I was already familiar with the Bear and recently received the new Bear as a gift from my colleagues. Was delivered super quickly and the beers look delicious. In short, highly recommended for the real beer lover and the beer is also a nice and original gift.

Robert Snel
Frank Meeuwsen

If you're tired of regular lagers...

And you might want something different. Yes, this sounds like an Ashley Madison ad and maybe it is. It's time for a different flavor in your refrigerator. Not the "normal" names like Heineken, Jupiler and Brand. Let the professionals at Beer in a Box take you on an aromatic journey through the world of hopping, with beers full of flavor and a feast for the eyes. You get more than just beer in a box. You get an experience. A new world opens up for you. Including an explanation about each beer, a unique recipe and not to forget the beer itself. The secret member of the Beer In A Box posse who writes all emails, keeps track of the administration and speaks to you when you join the newsletter. The Bear is an enigma, but one with taste...

(delicious) beer delivered to your home. #shutupandtakemymoney!

Recently received the 1st (BeerInA)Box. I was pleasantly surprised! Beautiful presentation, all bottles still intact and tasty beers in the house.

It remains a surprise which beers the Beer has selected, but because of the fun and useful descriptions that are included, every bottle that you open (together with your best beer buddy) is a real party!

Why not a 5-star rating you might say? Very simple: There is 1 disadvantage to the whole concept... the Box is empty once and waiting anxiously for the next delivery is not my strong point!


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