The perfect BBQ Box

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Style: Light & Subtle
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Heat control. Continue grilling time. Blowing technique. Simmer, sizzle and turn. BBQing holds no secrets for you. You are the 1% of grilling Netherlands. You are the chaff that separates itself from the wheat. The ultimate BBQ Hero. And you only do that with 1 hand. You reserve the other for the ultimate matching specialty beer . From the Bear.

Receive at least 2 fantastic BBQ recipes from and perfect beer for the BBQ. Ideal for yourself or as a gift for the real BBQ hero.

In terms of beers, you can expect 6 x 2 (12 total) beers and that they will only be the best of the moment from brewers that De Beer often collaborates with. From home and abroad. A surprise what you get but guaranteed full of quality and taste!

Here are some digital BBQ Heroes recipes that match the different boxes:

Game & Sour: Ham with crispy rind

Light & Subtle: Spanish crabs on a spit

Intense & Challenging: Spicy chicken thighs marinated in beer

Bitter & Growl: The classic cheeseburger

Leden krijgen 10% extra korting

Leden van de Beer Club krijgen standaard 10% extra korting. Altijd. Automatisch toegepast zodra je iets in je winkelmandje stopt.


  • Automagisch de beste bieren en brouwers van dit moment thuis
  • In jouw frequentie; maandelijks, om de maand of elke drie maanden
  • Garantie op nooit 2x hetzelfde bier
  • Op basis van jouw smaakvoorkeuren
  • Iedere seconden opzegbaar, pauzeerbaar, aanpasbaar.

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