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De Beer worked hard on the assembly together with the Beer Engineers from Moerletje and the end result on the workbench is impressive: cutting and welding, they have come up with a varied beer package, above all competitively priced. Twelve 44-centiliter cans, each richly filled with full flavors. In short, a perfect example of teamwork, from which the true beer lover can now benefit. From a creamy Imperial Stout to a rich Barley Wine and from a fruity Double Hazy NEIPA to a subtly roasted Coffee Stout. And everything in between.

What's actually in it?

Beer alcohol style rating Volume
Coffee Grinder 7.5% Coffee Stout 3.78 44cl
Crank the Juice 5.5% Hazy NEIPA 3.78 44cl
Fruit Bomb 8% Double Hazy NEIPA 3.78 44cl
Macaroon Machine 10% Double Pastry Stout 3.92 44cl
Motor Oil 12% Russian Imperial Stout 3.81 44cl
It Takes Two 12% Imperial Stout 4.12 44cl
Nectar Fusion 11% Rye Wine 3.86 44cl
Lucky Tonka - Red Beet & Choco 12% Double Pastry Stout 3.83 44cl
LabRatchet Espresso Lava Cake 15% Imperial Stout 4.13 44cl
Cascade Origins x7 8.5% Double IPA 3.87 44cl
Water 11% Barleywine 4 44cl
Bottle Licker 7% NEIPA 3.97 44cl

Leden krijgen 10% extra korting

Leden van de Beer Club krijgen standaard 10% extra korting. Altijd. Automatisch toegepast zodra je iets in je winkelmandje stopt.


  • Automagisch de beste bieren en brouwers van dit moment thuis
  • In jouw frequentie; maandelijks, om de maand of elke drie maanden
  • Garantie op nooit 2x hetzelfde bier
  • Op basis van jouw smaakvoorkeuren
  • Iedere seconden opzegbaar, pauzeerbaar, aanpasbaar.

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